Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in 4 markets : Aviation and space propulsion, Aerospace equipments, Aircraft interiors, Defense.
The group has over 76000 employees across 30 countries, 5900 of them work at Safran Helicopter Engines and 560 at the subsidiary Safran Power Units.
Safran Helicopter Engines is the world number 1 on the helicopter propulsion market with over a third of the market share.
Safran power Units is positioned on auxiliary power units and starter systems for the civil and military aerospace, turboreactors for missiles and target drones.
We design, certify, manufacture and maintain these aerospace turbines.

The mechanical transmissions designed and made by Safran HE must satisfy the highest standards of safety and availability. Their functions are:
• Transmitting the power between the turbine and the helicopter main gearbox.
• Driving the equipments necessary for the turboshaft engine (oil and fuel pumps, electrical generator…).
• Driving the gaz generator with the starter in order to perform the starting of the engine.