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The mechanical power transmission
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Today, only few people master the mechanical power transmissions subject and the image of this sector is, wrongly, obsolete.

However, in this sector, there are many opportunities to seize, many new avenues to explore and many important topics for the future to investigate and study.

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The green mobility challenges : CIRTRANS is committed to many environmental and societal topics.
Energy management issues : CIRTRANS is involved in future topics related to energy savings and new energies.

Green mobility

Energy transition


The defence

Power transmissionLes secteurs concernés

CIRTRANS will support the development of the power transmission sector in taking into account consideration the economic objectives, the management of energy, the societal issues and the respect for the environment.

CIRTRANS covers almost all industrial sectors in the field of mechanics and energy: transport (road, rail, defence, aeronautics), mechanical industries (machine tools, handling) , agriculture, energy production (nuclear, wind).

In these sectors, the adaptation and the innovation are permanent. CIRTRANS supports them towards industrial and societal changes that respect the environment: green mobility, ecological transition, industry 4.0.

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