Projects & thesis


mechanical deformation : micro geometry design improvement
gearbox efficiency improvement
Performance vibroacoustique
addictive manufacturing used for mechanical transmissions

The purpose is to investigate new mechanical additive manufacturing methods well adapted for mechanical transmissions manufacturing
friction and greasing

The objective is to :

  • Estimate the friction factor at the tooth blank level by experimental approach
  • Estimation friction loss
  • Analyse splash and immersion lubrification


gearbox efficiency improvement

The objectives is to reduce the mechanical transmission friction and to optimise the global thermal behavior in order to reduce environmental impact

Thèse : Thermal model of an epicyclic gear box

mechanical transmission monitoring

The objectives is to detect fault as soon as possible to avoid the total system destruction and finally to optimise its cycle life.

vibroacoustic performance

The objective is to propose solutions to fulfil acoustic requirements regarding user confort from environmental standards